Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Post Pre Post Post Modern Art

Art happens in Junkyards and container camps. The container afterall as Tim O'Reilly says they are the new Garages for our times. HP had its garage we have our container. Funny to be here late into the wee hours of the morning hacking away at what might be a new look at energy. Its good to take a moment to remember why we are here. The fuel economy is killing us so how can artists pick it apart, turn it on its head and bring a new idea forth. Where will we be in a few weeks time, after we have built this slug on the desert, will the idea we have spread?

These musings spurred by a late night power outage: the genny just ran out of fuel.

The Mechabolic crew


Jelen said...

hello! just wanted to wish you guys luck in the dirty desert! have fun and don't kill my brother!
...or burn his face off.

Markitos said...

Killer idea !!! peddel power all the way. Mark the tracks so our bikes dont get all hooked up on the crazy ride back to camp. But hell I run into stuff all the time anyway