Sunday, August 12, 2007

4...3...2...1 the final countdown

The title is inspired by some rather bad butt rock that we are playing here tonight to inspire our building until the wee hours of the night. I don't know the logic but there are those here who believe in butt rock as a melody that inspires motivation to work. I'm not sure if I share that logic, but all of those forgotten hits of my youth are now stuck on an endless loop in my head. Maybe that is a study we could inspire, does butt rock motivate shop work? I do have to admit that butt rock is completely appropriate for building a landspeed slug that runs on Bullshit. Really what else would fit?

Enough of walking down butt rock memory lane. We are really here to talk about a landspeed slug that is only days away from rolling around the playa inspiring those other black rock citizens that they too could run their vehicle on bullshit and make it go.

We have our Lister genny ready to go, thank goodness, the Orange whisperwatt in the yard just wouldn't have looked right in the slug. The Lister has the certain Je n'sais quoi. As for other sexy things the NASCAR slick arrived. Do you think we will get to much flack from Burner nazis that we are advertizing or will they maybe get it; the gear head hotrod fetish we are playing with. Most likely they won't. I can imagine explaining it all week to self appointed moral Burners that yes we know we are "advertising" Goodyear but it is sort of the point of the project.

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sambacious sea psychadela said...

you guys are so frikken amazing - this is without question the grandest greatest art project of any kind that ive ever heard of. thanks for making my superlative speech true xoxoxo.