Thursday, July 19, 2007

A land speed slug

It seems that we have been battling and building, and haven't had much time for reflecting or sharing what we have been up to with our project, The Mechabolic, the landspeed slug. A piece that will show us how to solve our trash problem to deal with our fuel problem. It will scavenge the dessert for Burner refuse to create its own energy, and then it will use its by product to grow orchids and tomatoes. Sounds like fun doesn't it.

As it stands now the Mechabolic's framework is mostly complete. It has a mighty frame to move up on, thanks for the beauty of its design goes to Dann Davis who not only devised something structural, but beautiful. So Beautiful in fact we had to redesign the floor of the Slug to be transparent so it can be admired. In the next coming weeks we will be focused on filling out the innards of the Slug, the lungs, the veins, the chipper, etc.

The Mechabolic crew

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